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Sanctuary Renovation Update #1

New roof completed!

When Hurricane Laura blew through Louisiana in August 2020, it inflicted significant damage upon the sanctuary of #FPC Natchitoches, rendering it unusable since.

$19 billion - The total amount of damage from Hurricane Laura.

Shingles blown away in the 111mph+ winds allowed water to seep through the sanctuary roof, causing more $100k in damages.

New Roof Completed

After more than a year, the new roof on #FPC Natchitoches' sanctuary is finally complete! Special thanks goes out to session member Phil Brown for acting as a liaison between the church, the roof contractor, and the insurance company.

In the coming weeks, the decor committe along with interior decorator Melanie Lee will choose the materials and colors that will adorn our newly renovated sanctuary.

Stay tuned for more renovation updates!


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